History of Olympic Computers Limited.

The company was founded in 1982 and in 1983 began development of the STAFF Sytem. We spoke to a number of Temporary agencies and the Federation of Professional Services (which was the professional body at that time) before we began the actual development.

The first system was installed at the customer's premises in 1984.

We have always concentrated on providing a quality product for Temporary agencies that deals with the major administrative functions in an efficient and timely manner.

From the outset the STAFF system has been a multi-user to cope with agencies that wish to make the most of the STAFF system's flexibility and we produced a package that will run on the then popular multi-user operating systems: C-DOS, XENIX and UNIX as well as single-user MS-DOS. C-DOS has now become REAL/32 and we still support that environment.

Because we were early on the scene we had developed a mature product some time before WINDOWS was ever heard of. Since then we have developed a version that will run on a variety of WINDOWS, from 3, 95 to XP.

Our current WINDOWS versions use a client-server structure with a separate File Server communicating with the client workstations over TCP/IP. This allows multi-user working any network that supports TCP/IP.