Olympic Computers is pleased to announce


your entry to on-line recruitment on the Internet.

We are setting up the STAFF ONLINE World Wide Web (WWW) page and can offer you facilities to advertise your agency's services and to communicate with your clients and temporary workers or permanent applicants by email.

Olympic Computers is offering a complete service for recruitment agencies to get a presence on the Internet with STAFF ONLINE. We can offer a package that includes modem, access account, a standard Web page as well as facilities for setting up your own customised World Wide Web page.

World Wide Web pages

To give your agency a presence on the Internet Olympic Computers can offer you a WWW page under the STAFF ONLINE system.

You can advertise your agency with a page in STAFF ONLINE; all you need to do is to provide us with your description of your agency (including logo if you wish) and we will set up a standard WWW page for you. We offer a selection of standard layouts for a fixed price but if you decide that you want more on your page we can provide a customised WWW page to your specific requirements. If you wish, you could start off with a standard page and upgrade as you found the WWW more useful; upgrading to describe your agency in more detail, perhaps, to give more information to both clients and applicants.

Your clients can view your page directly and you can use the address (the URL) on your stationery etc. However the STAFF ONLINE system will also allow potential clients to browse through the STAFF ONLINE directory pages to find an agency that they want to get in touch with. The directory pages will contain lists of all the agencies advertising under STAFF ONLINE organised to help the clients find the right agency. Clients can browse the directory pages or they can use searches to select suitable agencies; when the client has found an agency (or agencies) that they like they can enter details of their requirements and then email their details to you directly.

STAFF ONLINE also offers facilities for candidates for temporary and permanent placement to select an agency and email their details, plus CV if available, to you.

You will be able to reply to both the clients' and temps' enquiries via email.

Finally, if you do not want to go online yet, you can still have your pages etc. set up as above and we will take your mail and FAX it to you on a routine basis and, should you wish it, reply for you by email as well.

Internet Access Accounts

Olympic Computers can provide a complete Internet access package: dial-up account, modem and software, that you can use with STAFF ONLINE and other Internet services. With this package you can also have your own domain name set up(your unique Internet address, youragency.co.uk). The package provides a UK-wide local call (via an 0345 number) and is a fixed charge per year, regardless of how much you use the service (although you still have to keep an eye on your telephone bill).

STAFF ONLINE and the STAFF system

With the new version of our PC product STAFF 2000, due for release in the summer, we will be able to integrate the STAFF ONLINE concept into the STAFF system and provide a unique software package for recruitment agencies.

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